Bosnian Weapons Storage Site Pictures

Collection of Pictures taken at a Bosnian Weapons Storage Site during SFOR 10 in 2001/2002

Big thank you to the unnamed veteran who gave me permission to display his SFOR pictures here.

This is one very elaborate Serb Army VRS  (Vojska Republike Srpske) Eagle carved into an M70 AK47 Rifle stock

And a few more pictures of other rifles from Bosnian Weapons Storage Site Inspections. Click on thumbnails for larger pictures

Another good picture of the Yugo M 70 Assault Rifles.

A few M59/66 Yugoslav SKS rifles with grenade launchers.

Old German MGs. 

A variety of bolt action rifles. I think one is a Swedish Target rifle.

PPSH Sub Machine guns and Yugo M56 Machine guns

And a Czech Skorpion Submachinegun Pistol


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