French MAS Rifles

MAS 36, Mas 36/51, MAS 49, MAS 49/56


Nice schematic showing the inner workings of the Mas 49 trigger group. 


Above Early 1950S Photo of Local Paratroopers with Mas49 Sniper rifle, Operation Camargue, Vietnam 

    Lebanon, Beirut. Feb, 1958. Rebels with Mas49 Rifles

 Above: January, 1953. French Soldiers with Mas rifle on Patrol in Thai Bonh Area of Vietnam.

Picture taken in Laos.  1953.

morocfren.jpg (61778 bytes)

Morocco French Police searching village near Meknes for Weapons. 1955

Click Here: for a translated version of the Mas 49/56 rifle manual. 

7.5X55 Mas cartridge load data website by "Ken". 

Translated Model 1953 Scope manual.


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